Monday, 11 August 2014

Jane's Cross Country


‘Bang!‘Mr. Potaka fires the starting gun. Suddenly, the students are running. Each house is cheering for their house runners. But I can’t hear the cheering because I’m so tense. My heart is thumping and when I’m running near the street, my heart is thumping another way because I’m so tired. Behind the cricket field, many people are walking. I think I have to run, but my body is not following what I’m thinking. In front of ESOL class, there is two reasons that I run as fast as I can. The first reason is Mrs.Richardson is taking a photo of me, the second reason is there is a big bunch of people running behind me.I feel really tired.

After 1 lap, my house is cheering for me and I get more power. If they were not cheering for me, I would fall down in the middle of the lap. There is not as many problems as the first lap. So I arrive at the finish line without any trouble, I come 126th!I’m really proud of my score because I beat half of the students. After that, a bee stung me, and I was off school. However, I enjoyed my X-country.

   Go Kahikatea Green Machines!!

                   By. Jane S.

Alice's Cross Country

My X-Country          

by Alice Chae

At the cross country, everyone was feeling excited. I felt so nervous about running such a long way. I had never run 3 kilometers before.

When Mr. Potaka fired the starting gun, everyone was pushing each other and starting to run. Everyone was squashed like sardines. 

I ran the slowest I could, I didn’t want to push the other people. I saw a rainbow of colourful students, they all wearing their house coloured uniforms.

During lap 2, I was feeling exhausted so I rested very short time. I ran again, I felt dizzy but delightful, because I was almost close the finish line. 

The teachers were cheering for me. Finally, I was over the finish line. I was 136th. I was very proud of myself, because I had done it!


Sunday, 10 August 2014

My Cross Country- Luke Kim Room 21

My Cross Country 

By Luke Kim

Today is our school cross country.The sky is blue and it is a sunny day.I am feeling excited about running for my house, super Kauri.

The cross country is separated into Year 7 and Year 8 events.The Year 8 boys run last that means I will be running in the last race.

When Mr. Potaka shoots the start gun everyone is running fast.Some people are pushing and saying bad words.I am thinking “I can do this ,don’t give up!” 

Up the hill I run as fast as a cheetah but I can’t run for a very long time. On my 2nd lap I feel exhausted.I can’t stop because my house teachers and friends are cheering for me.

My cross country is successful.I have come 200th out of all Year 8 boys.I am happy to complete the cross country because it was the first time in my life I had experienced a cross country competition.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Maori Language Week

Te Kupu o te Wiki for the week starting Rāhina, te 21 o Hōngongoi, 2014 is āpōpō.

āpōpō: tomorrow

Āpōpō, ka haere au ki te kura.
Tomorrow, I will go to school.
- this is an example of an active sentence

It is possible to place āpōpō at the end of the sentence too. 
Ka haere au ki te kura, āpōpō.I will go to school tomorrow.

Ka hoki mai au āpōpō.
I will return tomorrow.
- this is an example of an active sentence

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Working on our Science Fair Projects


Which shuttlecock will fly further?
How strong is an egg?

I wonder if we will run faster with or without stretching first?

Can the neighbours hear this sound?

Does different music affect our heart rate?
I want to know which parachute size is the best.

Stop going brown Mr Apple!
"Brooke, what is the Korean word for teacher?

Attack of the cloning cabbages!!!!!
What is the affect of Coke on these objects?

"Who remembers how to count in Korean?"


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Cupcakes

Check out our spooky Halloween creations.......

 We worked together and followed the recipe to make vanilla and chocolate cupcakes....

Then we decorated them in weird and wonderful ways...