Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Arohatia te Reo

                          Our Mihimihi 

Today some of our International students did their mihimihi to the students in the bilingual house at Tauranga Intermediate School. A mihimihi is a way to introduce yourself according to Maori custom and is used especially at hui or on the marae. The students prepared their introductions in te Reo Maori and included details of their people, their home, their mum and dad and their own name.

They were awesome!

We also got to hear the mihimihi of some of the awesome students of Matai house, kia ora!

Jemima, Nanae, MinJu, Jessy, Chang Yun, David
doing their mihimihi

Tino pai to mahi- You've done a great job!

Thanks so much to Matua Jack and the students of Matai house
Kia ora tatou!


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    1. I mean Maori language

    2. It should be 'I want to learn maori'
      and 'I meant maori language'