Monday, 11 August 2014

Alice's Cross Country

My X-Country          

by Alice Chae

At the cross country, everyone was feeling excited. I felt so nervous about running such a long way. I had never run 3 kilometers before.

When Mr. Potaka fired the starting gun, everyone was pushing each other and starting to run. Everyone was squashed like sardines. 

I ran the slowest I could, I didn’t want to push the other people. I saw a rainbow of colourful students, they all wearing their house coloured uniforms.

During lap 2, I was feeling exhausted so I rested very short time. I ran again, I felt dizzy but delightful, because I was almost close the finish line. 

The teachers were cheering for me. Finally, I was over the finish line. I was 136th. I was very proud of myself, because I had done it!


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