Monday, 11 August 2014

Jane's Cross Country


‘Bang!‘Mr. Potaka fires the starting gun. Suddenly, the students are running. Each house is cheering for their house runners. But I can’t hear the cheering because I’m so tense. My heart is thumping and when I’m running near the street, my heart is thumping another way because I’m so tired. Behind the cricket field, many people are walking. I think I have to run, but my body is not following what I’m thinking. In front of ESOL class, there is two reasons that I run as fast as I can. The first reason is Mrs.Richardson is taking a photo of me, the second reason is there is a big bunch of people running behind me.I feel really tired.

After 1 lap, my house is cheering for me and I get more power. If they were not cheering for me, I would fall down in the middle of the lap. There is not as many problems as the first lap. So I arrive at the finish line without any trouble, I come 126th!I’m really proud of my score because I beat half of the students. After that, a bee stung me, and I was off school. However, I enjoyed my X-country.

   Go Kahikatea Green Machines!!

                   By. Jane S.

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